A short visit in Finland last october, from Alvar AAlto to the old Rauma City. Planning to come back soon…  

Come d’Arte

Last september I shared another full week with this actors during the festival of Commedia dell’Arte. There were some new friends.  


These are the guys who made this site so nice! Many thanks To Manafactory! (maybe yellow is the new black?)

Xmas Lights

This one is a small selection of instagram-ready photos for christmas…

LED Portraits

These are a series of portraits done using only one led, this project was born as a part of “HPDB?”.

(The) Shoot of Narrative Dance

The Shoot of Narrative Dance is a photographic project inspired by the The School of Dance Narrative of the Italian artist Marinella Senatore.

Community Symphony

Community Symphony is a projet by Marinella Senatore, I went in Sweden and this is what I saw…

Come d’Arte

I had the privilege to share a full week with this actors during the International week of “Commedia dell’Arte”.