Andrea Samonà is an Italian photographer, born in 1974. Currently based in Rome, he spent the first years of his photographic career travelling around Italy and Europe, while visiting Africa to follow his passion for nature photography and working as a race photographer in the Ferrari Challenge and the Superstars International Series.

In 2006, Andrea found his true calling in arts and entertainment photography. His first project “Afterhours 2006” is still currently on exhibit across Italy. His more than ten-year collaboration with Manuel Agnelli and his band, Afterhours, has greatly influenced Andrea’s style; from his intense black and white photography in the early years, to his use of soft colours in 2013, up to the lively colours of the “Hai Paura del Buio?” tour, which was published in 2014 by the Feltrinelli Publishing House in a Book+DVD for the “Real Cinema” series. Before this publication, Andrea created a photographic project of the festival “HPDB?” with Rodrigo D’Erasmo, which was then published by Repubblica XL in 2013. He embarked upon another important collaboration in 2014, working as a photographer with international artist Marinella Senatore. Their work together included various projects such as “The School of Narrative Dance” (winner of the MAXXI Award in 2014), the Venice Biennale Art Exhibition in 2015 (Creative Time Summit 2015), “Community Symphony” held the same year in Malmö, Sweden, and Stockholm for Statens Konstråd Public Art Agency. He continued his collaboration with Marinella Senatore for “The School of Narrative Dance” and Other Surprising Things” in Mostyn during the winter of 2016, and then in Modica, Sicily for “Modica Street Musical” the following summer. In 2016, he began a collaboration with Professors A. Catolfi and G. Nencioni from the University for Foreigners of Perugia, holding seminars for the course “Digital photography and multimedia production”.

Over the years, Andrea’s work has ranged from art, music and the performing arts, to film and theatre, collaborating with international photographic brands, and exhibiting his work in Italy and abroad.

Throughout his career, he has published his work in newspapers, periodicals, art and entertainment magazines, publications by Feltrinelli Publishing House, art catalogues, including the MAXXI 2014 Prize Catalogue. He has designed album covers, artist catalogues, advertising photographs, and has taught and continues to teach photography and photo-retouching, photographing many Italian and international musicians, actors, dancers and painters.