Whenever I travel in Northern Europe the light always able to amaze.


Bruno is a friend, one of those people who, as he says: <even if we have not seen for a year seems only yesterday>

Grandi Navi Veloci

The Grandi Navi Veloci are the large cruise ships that pass through the channel of Giudecca in Venice.

The Trap

I also fell into the “cat photo trap”. Lèon, the last arrived in the family.


Without melancholy, but with a strong desire to return. I miss Africa.


Night in Paris, je adore!

Sigma 12-24

This is the “old” version of the super wide angle Sigma 12-24, still a nice lens!  

It not seem to be happy

Still today in Rome somone can rent what we call “botticella” (horse-drawn carriage). Honestly, as a human being, I feel ashamed.